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Core Concepts and Interventions in EFT
by Rebecca Jorgensen
Do you feel overwhelmed in your work with couples? In this groundbreaking new series with leading EFT trainer Rebecca Jorgensen, you’ll learn an empirically validated approach that will greatly enhance your success in working with couples.
Couples therapy is one of the most challenging approaches in our field—yet most therapists jump into the work without adequate preparation. Clinicians often learn trial by fire, which can lead to ineffective and very frustrating outcomes for all involved. Even seasoned therapists often find themselves ill-equipped to navigate the treacherous terrain of high-conflict couples. Whether you’re a novice or experienced, this brand-new video series on EFT will add structure and heft to your work.

In the first volume Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen, EFT expert and sought-after trainer gives a comprehensive overview of the core concepts, steps, stages, and key interventions of EFT. The theory and techniques come to life in numerous vignettes with six real-life couples with diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and issues. Over 100 hours of actual couples therapy with four skilled EFT trainers and practitioners have been painstakingly distilled to demonstrate the essential components and subtleties of EFT.

Jorgensen’s sure-footed commentary is provided throughout the video, ensuring that each clinical point is thoroughly demonstrated and explained. She covers the three essential tasks, the “five EFT moves,” and the key interventions for accessing emotions and restructuring interactions, such as empathic conjecture, heightening, enactments, and much more. This volume is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking an EFT primer, and an understanding of the critical skills for conducting effective couples therapy. 

What therapists are saying…

"Powerful and unique! This in-depth and thorough course is an amazing resource for all couple therapists. Seeing so many examples of seasoned EFT therapists working with real couples is invaluable to really understand the subtleties and depth of this approach; I heartily recommend it."

--Dr. Sue Johnson, developer of EFT; Director of International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy
"I never knew learning can be so much fun. Like a riveting movie, these master therapists engage us, and take therapists on an inspiring journey that will greatly increase their effectiveness and confidence in doing couples therapy. This is a must-see for every therapist working with couples."

--George Faller, LMFT, founder of New York Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy
In Depth
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Many therapists agree that couples work is perhaps the most difficult aspect of psychotherapy—all the usual challenges and presenting problems, but with two people, in conflict! Without proper training, a therapist can quickly become overwhelmed. In the interests of helping both new and seasoned therapists navigate these rough waters, we’re thrilled to present this brand-new, groundbreaking series on Emotionally Focused Therapy with expert trainer Rebecca Jorgensen. Here, you’ll find a reassuring framework for transforming relationships using the evidence-based method’s proven techniques.

Volume 1 offers a theoretical primer on EFT, along with an in-depth look at the key clinical tasks of Stage 1 of the method. Jorgensen (interviewed by Victor Yalom) begins with an overview of Bowlby’s attachment theory, particularly as it pertains to relationships between partners. EFT is reknown for its emphasis on affect-based interventions, and here you’ll learn how to view couples’ needs through an attachment lens.

Jorgensen and her expert colleagues then present a series of vignettes from actual couple sessions with six sets of partners, and demonstrate the phases of Stage 1 step by step. You’ll discover the “five EFT moves” that form the structure of the method; the three essential tasks of EFT; key interventions for accessing emotions—reflection, validation, and evocative responding; heightening; and facilitating “enactments,” the central component of preparing couples for the next stages. Between creating and maintaining the therapeutic alliance, accessing and reformulating emotions, and restructuring interactions, the video gives you all you need to feel grounded and intentional with couples work.

If you’re in search of introductory EFT resources, you won’t do better than this video series. Be sure to add this to your library today.

By watching this video, you will:
• Understand the theoretical foundations, phased stages, and key tasks of EFT.
• Learn core EFT interventions for accessing clients’ primary emotions.
• Discover ways to reframe couples’ experiences in order to improve their communication. 

Length of video: 2:58:00

English subtitles available

Group ISBN-10 #: 1-60124-524-6

Group ISBN-13 #: 978-1-60124-524-3

Rebecca Jorgensen, PhD is Founder and Director of the Attachment Advancement Institute and Co-Director of The Training and Research Institute for Emotionally Focused Therapy. She is an Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) Supervisor and Trainer. Her focus is on promoting effective attachment for healthy relationships through virtual and in-person educational conferences and workshops as well as training and providing consultation on effective treatment of relational distress. She has developed several streaming conferences and seminars and has hosted and/or co-presented with attachment theorists and researchers such as Sue Johnson, Phil Shaver and Jim Coan. She continues to work to develop effective methods and platforms to transfer science-based treatments to clinicians and those who will utilize prevention services.

As a recognized expert on couple therapy couples and therapists travel to work with Dr. Jorgensen at Couple Workshops, Intensive Couples Therapy, Professional Trainings and Consultation. Her online educational programs and consultation groups are popular all around the globe. This “therapists’ therapist” is known for her presence, clarity and empathy. Dr. Jorgensen lives in Mexico where she maintains a small private practice.

CE credits: 3

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the applied foundations of EFT
  • Describe core EFT interventions for accessing primary emotions
  • Plan couples treatment that improves their communication

Bibliography available upon request

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