Encounter Groups for Addictions, Volume II: Pitfalls & Solutions
by Rod Mullen
Watch encounter groups in action to learn what does and doesn't work when facilitating encounter groups.
In this second volume of the 3-video series, Rod Mullen walks us through several groups to show us what works and what does not work when facilitating an encounter group. He warns us of several traps facilitators can fall into: dominating the group, getting into power struggles, not being prepared or knowing the group members, and leading groups that are too large and don’t go deep enough. Through numerous vignettes, he illustrates solutions to these common problems, and offers words of experience and wisdom to the encounter group facilitator: know your people, be prepared, get feedback, and listen, listen, listen!

What therapists are saying…

"Thank you for offering Rod Mullen's DVD series on Encounter Groups. These media are a one-of-a-kind opportunity for viewers to observe the 'life' of a group and the transforming power of an effectively-facilitated encounter group. The videos present a spectrum of groups -from those that do not work to those that do- and are outstanding reference points for master clinicians and novices alike. I have used the videos to great effect in Master's Level Counseling courses, as well as in certified substance abuse counselor training, and highly recommend them."

-- Jonathan Porteus, PhD - Director of Clinical Services, The Effort, Inc. Sacramento, CA
"I use both the Encounter Groups for Addictions and The Therapeutic Community DVDs as part of our training package. What I like best about both series is the time spent on understanding the underpinnings of our clinical work. That focus allows skilled helpers coming into the field to both understand the origin and the evolution of our work with residents in treatment. I highly recommend these training series for all levels of practitioners."

-- Bob Neri - Chief Clinical Officer, Westcare
"Congratulations to Rod Mullen and George DeLeon for these two excellent DVD series, Encounter Groups for Addictions and The Therapeutic Community. These are essential training resources that provide valuable lessons to help guide treatment professionals in the substance abuse field."

-- Shaamiel Davids, PhD - Director, Western Cape Therapeutic Community Centre
In Depth
From watching this video, you'll be able to:

• Implement strategies for breaking the we/they dichotomy between staff and group members.
• Explain why it is important for a facilitator to know the members of his or her group and what the dangers are if they don't.
• Compare the differences between large and small groups, the effectiveness of both, and ways to make them each work.

Length of video: 1:16:00

English subtitles available

Group ISBN-10 #: 1-60124-164-X

Group ISBN-13 #: 978-1-60124-164-1

Rod Mullen, President and CEO of Amity Foundation, has been working in therapeutic communities since 1967. Rod has written numerous articles and book chapters, produced a number of video projects about therapeutic communities, and presented at numerous state, national and international meetings and conferences.
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