Psychotherapy with Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Clients 1: Historical Perspectives
by Ron Scott
This first video in the Psychotherapy with Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Clients Series, explores the history of mental health practice with gay, lesbian and bisexual people.
The history of mental health practice with gay, lesbian and bisexual people is both complex and constantly evolving. This introductory program to the series focuses on some of the most important historical developments from ancient times to the present, including:

• Early attempts topathologize and change homosexuality.
• The influences that led to the depathologizing of homosexuality.
• The contemporary bias in psychotherapy, illustrated by a poignant account of therapy abuse by Robert Gentry, the nation’s first openly gay mayor.
• “Conversion therapies” to repathologize homosexuality and modern attempts to change sexual orientation.
• Recent affirmative mental health approaches.
• The current APA guidelines for working with GLB clients.
• Real testimony of affirmative psychotherapy from a client after years of negative therapy experiences.

Archival film clips and interviews with the experts are used throughout to illustrate this history of treatment approaches and mental health attitudes towards the GLB community.

What therapists are saying…

"This video provides a thorough history of the treatment of gay men and lesbians by the mental health profession. It gives a historical context for the once prevalent belief that to be gay or lesbian was to be mentally ill, and chronicles the efforts to de-pathologize homosexuality."

-- Sukie Magraw, PhD, Chair, PsyD Program, JFK University
"Psychotherapy with Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Clients is the best collection of DVDs about the social and psychological dimensions of this community. The series is well researched and covers many significant issues that GLB people meet in the course of their lives. I would recommend them to a wide audience including psychotherapists. family members, and GLB people themselves."

-- Charles Silverstein, PhD, Founding Editor, The Journal of Homosexuality 
In Depth
This is really an eye-opening and disturbing documentary of the way our professional has treated homosexuality in the past; at the same time we can take some pride in how far we've come as a profession, and as a society--although clearly much progress remains. The historical footage of antiquated "treatments" such as conversion therapy are really shocking, but required viewing for those who want an honest understanding of our history.

Length of video: 00:41:00

English subtitles available

Group ISBN-10 #: 1-60124-402-9

Group ISBN-13 #: 978-1-60124-402-4

Dr. Ron Scott is Professor of Psychology at Chapman University, teaching courses in the areas of clinical, personality and multicultural psychology. He is a licensed clinical psychologist and maintains a small private practice in addition to his work at the university. Dr. Scott is an active teacher-scholar with approximately 20 journal articles and book chapters. He is an officer in the International Council of Psychologists and has been a visiting professor at several universities throughout Latin America.

Featured professionals in the series include Dr. Christine Padesky, Dr. Robert Jay Green, Dr. Isaiah Crawford, Dr. Eli Coleman, Dr. Sari Dworkin, Dr. Ritch Savin-Williams, Dr. Fritz Klein, Dr. Mary Bradford, Dr. Beverly Greene and others.

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