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The Archetypal Psychology and Psychotherapy Series (2-Video Series)
In these two interviews with James Hillman, the founder of Archetypal Psychology minces no words in critiquing current directions in psychotherapy, and shares his vision for a more creative, soulful, and imaginative approach.
In these two fascinating interviews with James Hillman, the self-described "renegade psychologist" probes deeply into the psyche and underbelly of modern society, and offers some unexpected insights. Covering topics as far ranging as the role of psychotherapy in perpetuating our addiction to security and innocence, Hillman’s discussion about the role of psychology and psychotherapy in perpetuating our addiction to security and innocence to the importance of imagination and dreams, this series is sure to inspire anyone looking for a thoughtful critique of the field of psychology.

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In this Series…

What therapists are saying…

"James Hillman has been a maverick thinker and writer, especially focusing on the pathology of society. His Re-Visioning Psychology was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in 1975. In this DVD, The Soulless Society, the interviewer skillfully leads this brilliant scholar through updates to the high points of his lifetime of insightful critiques of our society."

-- Dena Anthony, PhD, Psychologist in private practice in San Francisco & Palo Alto; Researcher and lecturer on women in business
"In this interview on Archetypal Psychology, Hillman provides a good introduction to his ideas about psychology and presents a refreshing look at the practice of psychotherapy; his discussion on the Soulless Society is a thought provoking and accessible to psychotherapists as well as any lay person interested in psychology and American culture."

-- Liza Ravitz, PhD, Clinical Psychologist and Jungian Analyst, San Francisco, CA.
In Depth
In James Hillman on Archetypal Psychotherapy, be prepared to be both challenged and inspired as Dr. Hillman doesn’t hold back  in his critique of modern psychology.

From watching this video, you will:

• Gain an understanding of archetypal psychotherapy
• Develop ways to think imaginatively about mental illness and how to relate to clients’ symptoms with curiosity and awe
• Learn to ask new kinds of questions that point clients in the direction of greater enjoyment and liberation.

James Hillman on the Soulless Society is an enlivening critique of modern American society and a call for awakening more authenticity in our daily lives.

From watching this video, you will:

• Learn how to cultivate more curiosity and awe in your everyday life.
• Be motivated to think critically about the role of psychology and psychotherapy in modern American society
• Learn about the possibility of re-visioning psychology to include the soul

Length of Series: 2:09:00

English subtitles available

James Hillman, PhD, is considered to be the founder of archetypal psychology. He is a psychologist, a leading scholar in Jungian and post-Jungian thought and is recognized as one of the most important radical critics and innovators of psychology. He is the author of over a dozen books, including the best-seller, The Soul’s Code: In Search of Character and Calling and We've Had a Hundred Years of Psychotherapy - And the World's Getting Worse (with Michael Ventura).

J. Fraser Pierson, PhD, Interviewer, is a licensed psychologist and Professor of Psychology at Southern Oregon University, and the co-editor of The Handbook of Humanistic Psychology: Leading Edges in Theory, Research, and Practice.
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