Moreno Movies: 4-Video Series
See actual historical footage of J.L. Moreno conducting Psychodrama sessions!  This series has been painstakingly reassembled from film from Moreno's production company, and is a treat for students, fans, and practitioners of Psychodrama.

This video series showing the master and creator of Psychodrama, Jacob Moreno, doing what he does best throughout his career. The historic films, now preserved on these videos, span over 30 years of Jacob Moreno's work, from 1933 to 1964, and reveal a complex and compelling progression of his ideas, techniques and theories.

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What therapists are saying…

"The footage of Jacob Moreno starts at the Hudson School for Girls. Moreno is helping one of the students to expand her role repertoire. She is practicing to work as a waitress and has to deal with a difficult customer. She finds this hard, until Moreno guides her in the role [Disc 1]. Then the action moves to a psychodrama of a marriage, performed in New York. I found it a pleasure to watch not only Jacob Moreno directing but also Zerka Moreno doubling [Disc 2]. Now we find ourselves in a mental hospital in California. Jacob Moreno is demonstrating how he would assess a patient for discharge using psychodrama. Using role reversal, the patient?s life is shown as if he has been discharged. This works as a training tool with plenty of practice at role reversal [Disc 3]. Finally we are in Paris for another psychodrama of a marriage. Zerka Moreno is on stage as an auxiliary. It?s a lesson in auxiliary work and impressive to watch. Just as impressive is Jacob Moreno directing, encouraging the protagonist, and clearly forming a therapeutic alliance to move the work forward [Disc 4]."

-- Richard Oliver, British Psychodrama Society Newsletter
"Having the joy to see Moreno in action, made me live again the magnificent experience I had during my training at Beacon--it was as if he was there again. These videos are a must for those who wish to get close to psychodrama, and for those who, as myself, have walked through many stages. These videos bring forth the vital presence of the two creators of Psychodrama."

-- Dalmiro M Bustos, MD, Director of the Moreno Institute Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo, and author of 18 books on psychodrama, sociometry, and group psychotherapy.
In Depth
Please note: Because of the historic condition of the footage, some inconsistencies in sound and visuals do occur. 
These are fascinating and compelling videos to see this legendary master in action.  However, for learning actual techniques of Psychodrama, we would recommend either the Zerka T. Moreno Psychodrama Series or the Tian Dayton Series on Psychodrama for Trauma.

Length of Series: 4:48:00

English subtitles available

Jacob L. Moreno with his wife, Zerka Moreno, developed the theory and practice of psychodrama. J.L. and Zerka were both adjunct professors at New York University in the 1950's.

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