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Meth Inside Out: 3-Video Series
Meth Inside Out is a groundbreaking video-based treatment curriculum on methamphetamine addiction and recovery. The series is designed to equip meth users, their families, and the professionals who assist them with a solid understanding of the biological basis of addiction, effective tools for recovery, and, most important, hope for the future.
As meth use has reached a crisis point, many mental health professionals remain unprepared. Familiarity with the meth experience, its effects on the brain and the path to recovery, are essential factors of competent care. These videos follow the powerful personal stories of a number of former users, tracing their path of destruction and ultimate recovery, interspersed with research-based information about how meth damages relationships, alters the brain and controls behavior. State-of-the-art computer graphics demonstrate the chemical process of meth addiction in a profound and comprehensible way. Created for maximum flexibility, the curriculum is designed to meet the needs of treatment centers, correctional facilities, community centers, social service agencies, and universities. These videos are also a valuable psychoeducational resource for users and their families.

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In this Series…

What therapists are saying…

“This exceptional video series accomplishes a goal few manage to attain: teaching science-based content in an engaging way to assist with the delivery of effective substance abuse treatment. A real step forward for the field.”

-- Deni Carise, Ph.D., Director, Treatment Systems Section, Treatment Research Institute, Philadelphia
"A powerful view of the ravages of meth abuse from experimentation to recovery. A must see for educators, clinicians, treatment professionals, and families struggling with the addiction of clients, friends, and loved ones."

-- Professor and Associate Dean for Research, Director, Program of Excellence in the Addictions, Washington State University College of Nursing
“Jolting, compelling, accessible...this video does a striking job translating the neurobiology of methamphetamine addiction in a powerful and memorable way."

-- Andrew J. Saxon, M.D., Director, Addiction Psychiatry Residency Program, University of Washington
"Thoroughly, intelligently, and compassionately portrays the physical, emotional, and social consequences of meth addiction."

-- Dr. Perry N. Halkitis, Professor of Applied Psychology and Public Health, New York University
“This powerful video clearly illustrates the human toll of meth addiction while inspiring hope for recovery.“

-- Director, Los Angeles County, Public Health, Alcohol and Drug Program Administration
“Meth Inside Out offers users in recovery potentially life saving hope and clarity at a time of serious questioning.”

-- Claudia Black, Ph.D., Specialist in Addictive Disorders
In Depth

Methamphetamine use is exploding around the world.

Meth and other amphetamines claim 25 million addicts worldwide.
Meth users worldwide outnumber both heroin and cocaine addicts, making meth the fastest growing illegal drug.

In reaction to this alarming trend, popular media has often delivered information about meth that can be overly dramatic, misleading, and at times completely false. In addition, prevention strategies have heavily relied heavily on “scare tactics,” which recent studies have proven do not work and can even backfire. Also contributing to the problem is a lack of educational materials that convey key research findings in an accessible, engaging way.


Meth Inside Out meets these needs by providing critical information about methamphetamine in a clear, compelling way to the people who need it most - the individuals, families, treatment professionals, and communities that are experiencing the meth problem firsthand. This makes Meth Inside Out ideal for use in treatment centers, correctional facilities, educational institutions, and social service agencies.


When a person enters treatment, it is important to help them and their families understand meth addiction and what to expect in recovery.

A well-informed patient understands the goals of recovery and can more effectively participate in his/her treatment.
Providing accurate information facilitates treatment efforts by allowing patients to understand the biological basis of their addiction and recovery.

When family members understand addiction and recovery, they can be a major part of the patient’s support system, rather than angry, confused bystanders.

Length of Series: 1:50:23

English subtitles available

UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs (ISAP) is known to be the world expert on methamphetamine research. ISAP’s mission is to reduce the extent and impact of substance abuse by improving the understanding of substance abuse and the care of afflicted individuals. The work of ISAP faculty have yielded results that significantly advanced the knowledge base regarding substance abuse, its consequences, and its treatment, with salient impacts on practice and policy at local, regional, national, and international levels. Specific information on ISAP’s meth-specific projects can be found at www.methamphetamine.org.

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