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Motivational Interviewing Step by Step: 4-Video Series
Learn Motivational Interviewing with the most in-depth training series to date. Demonstrations and interviews illuminate the underlying principles, tools, techniques, and strategies that will enhance your skills in leading clients through the change process.
Learn Motivational Interviewing with the most in-depth training series to date. Demonstrations and interviews illuminate the underlying principles, tools, techniques, and strategies that will enhance your skills in leading clients through the change process. Now available in an updated online course with CE credits included.

Motivational Interviewing, originally developed by William Miller as a person-centered approach to working with addictions, has been widely used in fields as varied as healthcare, education, and criminal justice. In the first video of this highly acclaimed series, Core Concepts, expert MI trainer and practitioner Cathy Cole first introduces the foundational principles; then numerous demonstrations and exercises, including actual session excerpts with Bill Miller, will allow you to practice MI techniques.

Each subsequent video focuses on demonstrating, through a series of vignettes, various MI strategies applied to different stages of change. The client sessions in each video occur in a diverse range of settings, from mandated substance abuse counseling to healthcare, schools, EAP and beyond. Increasing Importance addresses how to help clients who are unsure whether change is even desirable. Resolving Ambivalence tackles a central issue in MI—dealing with clients who haven’t decided which choice is the right one. And Building Confidence focuses on the helping clients trust their own ability to enact the desired change.

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What therapists are saying…

“An outstanding resource which demonstrates both the principals of motivational interviewing and well as specific communication techniques with clients across the life span. Cathy Cole is masterful at helping clients envision making changes by helping them reflect on their goals, weigh the pros and cons of making change, and developing concrete plans that they can implement, and identifying resources that will help them facilitate their plan of action. This material is so helpful to both mental health professionals and health professionals across all disciplines that it is a must have for every clinician’s library.“

—Vanya Hamrin, MSN, Professor of Nursing and Psychiatry, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.
“This series would likely be a valuable learning tool for both novice and experienced motivational interviewers. For the latter, this series would be valuable as a refresher course. For the former, this series would be a valuable adjunct to formal training and coaching…Cole’s warm and casual presentation style is complemented by series moderator Victor Yalom, PhD. Yalom engages Cole in discussions about core concepts of MI, as well as the MI sessions depicted on each video. While seemingly unscripted and casual, these lively discussions provide the viewer with a clear, logical, and linear explanation of MI concepts.”

—Julie Schumacher, PhD, Reviewed in Motivational Interviewing: Training, Research, Implementation, and Practice.  Read full review
“Motivational Interviewing Step by Step not only contains examples of Cathy Cole conducting highly skilled Motivational Interviewing; it provides Cole's thoughtful, expert instruction on key concepts and skills. I was particularly impressed with real-time commentary during sessions—I believe this will heighten interest and understanding of the viewer, and no doubt greatly facilitate learning. These videos are a valuable adjunct to the learning of MI.”

—John S. Baer, PhD, Research Professor, Psychology, University of Washington
“This video series provides an extremely user friendly approach to understanding and integrating Motivational Interviewing into your professional skill set. I would highly recommend this program for any healthcare provider, including therapists, nurses, physicians, as well as human resource professionals.”

—Robbi D. Simons, PhD, Simons & Associates, Employee Assistance and Coaching Services
 “An excellent resource for human service professionals in acquiring necessary core competency skills in assessment, therapy, case management, and correctional supervision.”

—Robert J. Powitzky, PhD, Chief Mental Health Officer, Oklahoma Department of Corrections
“The series is well produced, informative and helps the viewer form a clear understanding of the motivational interviewing (MI) approach. Within the videos there are helpful meta-processing comments regarding the counseling sessions. The accompanying manuals also have wonderfully constructed discussion questions, informational summaries and transcripts of the sessions.” Read full review.

—Matthew Mims, NCC, University of Nebraska; Reviewed in The Professional Counselor Journal
In Depth
An original Psychotherapy.net production, now available as an online course with updated content and 10 CE credits included. We are delighted that this has already received many favorable reviews, and believe that this will set the bar in for video training in MI for years to come. As MI is being utilized effectively in a wide array of professions, this series is designed for use not only by counselors and therapists, but by nurses, parole officers, and others. Each of the videos in this series stand on their on, but for an in-depth training in motivational interviewing we recommend you watch the entire series.

Length of Series: 7:55:00

English subtitles available

Cathy Cole, LCSW, has trained thousands of diverse professionals in MI since 1995, and is a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers. She maintains an active clinical practice, and can be reached through her website, cathycoletraining.com.

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