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Leading Groups with Adolescents
by Janice DeLucia-Waack, PhD & Allen Segrist, PhD
In this comprehensive video featuring a live, unscripted group with actual high school students, two expert group therapists share their extensive knowledge, making this video a must-see for those new to leading groups as well as for experienced group therapists looking to refine their skills.
There is an art to leading groups with adolescents, and Drs. Janice DeLucia-Waack and Allen Segrist have clearly mastered it.

Beginning by discussing the fundamentals of psychoeducational groups with teens, DeLucia-Waack and Segrist go on to masterfully demonstrate how to design a group to address cognitive, affective, and behavioral skills that nearly all adolescents can benefit from. Modeling essential group facilitation techniques, they teach you how to weave together stage-appropriate activities while also responding to the needs of the group in each moment. Learn everything from building group cohesion, to reducing members’ anxiety, to teaching assertiveness skills.

From pre-group preparation to healthy terminations, and all the stages in between, this video is overflowing with practical information on how to create and lead effective groups with adolescents.


What therapists are saying…

"This training video has a good handle on the hows and whys of psycho-educational groups with adolescents from understanding the developmental and interpersonal needs of teens, to appropriate goal setting and pre-group planning. They utilize some of the best metaphors I've heard, for example, when explaining the need for norms or ground rules, they compare it to the the rules at a swimming pool and have the members come up with their own version of safety. I recommend it as a teaching tool."

-- Linda G Rose, LCSW, Adjunct Faculty at the Wright Institute, Group Therapy Trainer, San Francisco, CA
"A highlight of this DVD is that it goes beyond teaching the fundamentals of psycho-educational groups and demonstrates how metaphor, imagery, poetry and movement can be integrated into the group process to establish a group container and foster development of group cohesion. Drs. DeLucia-Waack and Segrist have created an excellent teaching tool that serves as an invaluable resource for mental health professionals, school counselors and all the agencies who offer groups for teens. Highly recommended!"

-- Lois Friedlander, MFT, Associate Clinical Professor, USCF School of Medicine
"A hands-on, very helpful look at what it's like to work with adolescents in a group setting. The activities are practical and engaging--what a great map for helping this vulnerable age group deal with their longing and fears around connection and acceptance!"

-- Joan Gold, MFT, Berkeley, CA
"An inspiring and creatively stimulating DVD about group therapy for adolescents. It is a layered teaching on many facets of the work, and I will definitely return to it multiple times as I seek to integrate the facilitators' wisdom into my own group work with teens."

-- Jordan Wolfe, MFT intern, San Francisco, CA
In Depth
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One highlight of this video is that it walks the viewer through each stage of a group, giving you a comprehensive understanding of what to do from beginning to end. Beginning with the initial session, you will learn activities to help adolescents get to know each other and become more comfortable in the group, as well as how to talk about ground rules for safety and goal setting.

Then comes the middle stage of the group, in which the focus shifts to skill development and the learning of new behaviors. Here the group explores how thoughts influence feelings, as well as assertiveness skills and incorporating resilience. Finally, learn how to facilitate the termination of a group, which many group therapists would argue is the most important stage. Watch as the group explores what they have learned and how they have helped each other, as they say goodbye and reflect on their time together.

Another bonus to this video is the time the co-leaders and moderator spend reflecting on the group and processing what occurs. This gives the viewer a great degree of insight into the thinking processes of the co-leaders and why they chose specific activities and interventions. The video ends with a lively and candid discussion among the co-leaders and the moderator, in which the group members participate and add their input on how the group was for them.

By watching this video, you will:
• Learn how to create a therapeutic environment for adolescents that is fun and engaging as well as safe and structured.
• Discover techniques that help teens tap into their inner strength and resilience.
• Understand how to facilitate activities and discussions that foster self-discovery and interpersonal learning.

Length of video: 2:22:00

English subtitles available

Individual ISBN-10 #: 1-60124-294-8

Group ISBN-10 #: 1-60124-295-6

Group ISBN-13 #: 978-1-60124-295-2

Janice DeLucia-Waack, PhD, is an Associate Professor in Counseling, School, and Educational Psychology at SUNY Buffalo and program director for the School Counseling Program. She is author, co-author, and co-editor of several books on groups, including Leading Psychoeducational Groups for Children and Adolescents.

Allen Segrist, PhD, is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Counseling and Development at Purdue University. He taught for more than 40 years as a counselor educator.

CE credits: 2.25

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss how to create a fun and engaging therapeutic environment for adolescents
  • List techniques that help teens tap into their inner resources
  • Plan activities and discussions that foster self-discovery

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