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Psychotherapy with the Experts: 15-Video Series
A 15-Video Series that captures the work of some of the greatest therapists of our time. Watch as experts James Bugental, Donald Meichenbaum, Kenneth Hardy, Insoo Kim Berg, Arnold Lazarus and others demonstrate their various approaches to working with a variety of clients.
In Depth
One of the really neat things about this series is that you have the opportunity to view different therapists work with the same client; thus you can really compare apples for apples.  This also helps to clarify how much of therapy really has to do with the style and personality of the therapist versus their theoretical model.  The same client "Gina" is in the videos featuring Jon Carlson, James Bugental, and Lenore Walker; "Robin" gets therapy from Insoo Kim Berg, Allen Ivey, John Krumboltz, Natalie Rogers, and Ernest Ross; "Beverly" is seen by Mary Goulding and Donald Meichenbaum; "Phil" is seen by Kenneth Hardy and Jill Savege Scharff; and "Juan" is in the sessions with Arnold Lazarus and Robert Wubbolding.

Length of Series: 29:12:00

English subtitles available