REBT for Anger Management
by Janet Wolfe
See REBT in action in an actual therapy session with a client needing help with anger management.

At one time or another, all clinicians have had to meet the challenge of dealing with an angry client. Skilled in empathy and active listening, we are sometimes at a loss when confronted with clients who have difficulty containing their rage. In this video with an actual client, you will learn an REBT approach to anger management. Students and interns will especially find this action-oriented approach useful when facing those clients who may only be in treatment for a few sessions.

Melanie, an African-American woman with a history of drug addiction, comes to treatment as part of an anger management course. Her past angry outbursts have led her to violence and even incarceration.

Dr. Janet Wolfe helps Melanie connect her irrational beliefs to their ineffectual, and sometimes violent, consequences. Using the ABCs of REBT helping the client understand how not only the activating event (A), but her beliefs (B) about that event trigger the emotional and behavioral consequences (C) Dr. Wolfe introduces a specific Anger Management Sequence, which she uses immediately during a role play in the session.

Interspersed throughout this actual session is an informative discussion that elucidates Dr. Wolfe's rationale in utilizing classic REBT techniques.

Although most people associate REBT with the confrontative and even cantankerous style of its founder, Albert Ellis, Dr. Wolfe shows how REBT principles can be practiced with a softer touch.

What therapists are saying…

"A masterful demonstration of REBT in action by one of the world's most experienced REBT practitioners."

-- Clifford N. Lazarus, PhD, Co-founder and Clinical Director, The Lazarus Institute
In Depth
By watching this video, you will:

• Learn a specific REBT approach to Anger Management.
• Learn the ABC's of REBT practice: identifying activating events (A), working with beliefs (B) and making the connection to emotional and behavioral consequences (C).
• Deepen an understanding of how this action-oriented psychotherapy teaches individuals to replace self-defeating thoughts, beliefs and actions with those that are more productive.

REBT, like many approaches, is closely aligned and identified with its founder (In fact, given the unique personality of Albert Ellis, this is even more the case here!).  By watching Janet Wolfe, you'll have the chance to see how REBT is practiced with a slightly softer touch.

Length of video: 00:54:00

English subtitles available

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Janet L. Wolfe, PhD has served for over 25 years as Executive Director of the Albert Ellis Institute in New York City, and currently has a private consulting and therapy practice in New York City.

Dr. Wolfe has conducted hundreds of workshops and has helped spawn numerous programs in schools, clinics, and agencies based on REBT/CBT principles. She has written extensively in professional books and journals and is co-editor of The Resource Book for Practitioners and author of What to Do When He Has a Headache: Renewing Desire and Intimacy in Your Relationship.

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