Person-Centered Dementia Care: Stories and Examples
by Terra Nova Films
This video explores a residential facility that celebrates older people with dementia and aids the viewer in learning to connect with people who have lost the connection to themselves.
In this video, spend a day in a residence that cares for older people who are living with dementia. In a world that values youth and vigor, doing and ability, it’s easy to forget the life-affirmations that can be present in the elderly, even those whose minds stop them from being fully independent.

Deb Greiner, the Director of Alzheimer’s services at a rehabilitation and nursing center, does an incredible job taking us through her thirty years’ experience of working with people with dementia. She reminds us that the person can still “care and feel” even if their mind is not what it was—something that can be easy to forget. It’s not uncommon for relatives and friends to distance themselves from a loved one with dementia, but Greiner shows us how to stay connected.

The video does not shy away from the indignity and heartbreak of a patient like Elaine who spends hours trying to “escape,” going so far as to try to throw her walker out her window to get to her family and home. Ms. Greiner talks about how she sits with Elaine, and how sometimes very little can be done by the worker beyond being a calm presence making sure the client remains safe. The video reminds us of the importance of the main skill that social workers and other mental health professionals excel at: forming relationships. While we are often taught several great techniques to encourage people to open up and talk about their history and their feelings, in this video you’ll witness how simply serving a meal in a dignified manner can be healing.
In Depth
Creativity is often the key to working with people living with dementia. This video gives some wonderful examples of how to tap into a person with dementia’s undiminished ability to connect. For example, the dog at this treatment facility has a tremendously therapeutic effect on the residents. You’ll see why they have days when children come to the facility to interact with the older adults and why the day the Duet Bicycle comes out is the most exciting!

By watching this video you will:
  • Learn several methods to connect with a person living with dementia.
  • Understand the role of family for the person living with dementia.
  • Learn the importance of rituals for people living with dementia.

Length of video: 00:31:30

English subtitles available

Group ISBN-10 #: 1-60124-497-5

Group ISBN-13 #: 978-1-60124-497-0

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