Telehealth: Legal and Ethical Issues
by Stephen Feldman

Mastery in Minutes

Learn about the legal and ethical issues surrounding telehealth, and discover specific, practical solutions for providing effective, compliant telehealth services to your clients in this discussion with Stephen Feldman, JD.
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 Telehealth, which refers to telephone or video-based treatment, went from being something that was relatively rarely done to commonplace in just a few weeks during the COVID crisis. The discussion featured here occurred in the year prior to COVID, so some things have changed since then, but by and large, the underlying legal and ethical considerations of telehealth remain the same. Our expert in this area, psychologist and attorney, Stephen Feldman, summarizes these considerations in an engaging discussion with our CEO and Founder, Victor Yalom. presents Mastery in Minutes

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Stephen Feldman, JD, PhD, is an attorney and psychologist who has practiced and taught both law and psychology from Harvard in the east to Seattle University in the west. He holds a law degree from Harvard and a psychology degree from the University of Nebraska. He has lectured extensively on the law and ethics of mental health practice at conferences and in academic settings. His numerous articles and books include the Washington state volume of the American Psychological Association's series, Law & Mental Health Professionals (co-author). He currently is on the faculty of the University of Washington School of Medicine, and in private practice consulting with counseling services and individual practitioners on legal and ethical problems that arise in the course of practice. He was named the "Distinguished Psychologist" for 2006 by the Washington State Psychological Association.

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