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The Voices of Violence Series (2-Video Series)
These videos offer an extraordinary look into the psychological causes of violence by examining the perspectives of violent offenders, and providing an inside view of two different yet dramatically successful group therapy programs offered behind bars to men who have committed the most extreme violent acts—from assault and rape to murder.
Effective therapy with criminals has the power to significantly reduce violence in our communities, yet forensic populations can be volatile and especially intimidating to work with. These videos provide deep insights into  one of society’s most intractable issues, and in opposition to the punitive approach to violence prevention, make a compelling case for treating violent offenders with human dignity and responding to violence with psychological treatment and education. It will likewise challenge the viewer to see the humanity within violent individuals and inspire new ways to think about how to reduce violence in our communities.

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In this Series…

What therapists are saying…

"I was so moved by Voices in Violence. Again and again, I recognized the desperate strategies for survival that I've seen in my child-protection, batterer's intervention, and victim advocacy work as the men described their responses to threats - real and perceived, current and recalled. Such an amazing picture of the power of compassion. I've also been widely recommending the films."

-- Peter Polland, Training and Outreach Director, 1in6.org 
In Depth
Part One: The Roots of Violence

From watching this video, you will be able to:
  • Describe the features of insecure attachment styles
  • Understand the link between insecure attachment and violent behavior
  • Explain the connection between violent and self-destructive behavior
  • Conceptualize the social perspective of violent offenders

Part Two: Effective Treatment of Violent Individuals

From watching this video, you will be able to:
  • Understand the common social misperceptions that lead offenders to violent behavior
  • Describe the key elements of effective treatment for violence
  • Identify the specific skills necessary to work safely with violent individuals
Featured experts include:
Dr. James Gilligan, Dr. Peter Fonagy, Andy Smith, Dr Robert Firestone, Dr Lisa Firestone, Dr Donald Meichenbaum, Hamish Sinclair, Dr. Peter Bennet, David Jones, Dr. Felicity de Zulueta

Length of Series: 1:58:00

English subtitles available

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