A Childs Grief
by Simcha Jacobovici
Children express grief differently than adults, but their pain is just as real and their feelings equally as intense. “A Child’s Grief” takes viewers into the lives of eight children in bereavement support group. 
To help children through the bereavement process, it is important that the adults around them be aware of what is going on inside their young minds. We hear their stories, feel their pain, and share their tears – along with their laughter – as we witness their valiant struggles to come to terms with their losses.

What therapists are saying…

“This poignant and beautifully-crafted video, offers a powerful learning experience about death. In group sessions with latency age children, an empathic art therapist gently encourages discussions about the death of a parent or sibling, and, through art experiences, encourages deeper exploration of feelings about their tragedies. Over time, the children’s immediate and subsequent memories of death are explored. The sessions are interspersed with helpful comments from mental health professionals who offer sensitive advice about dealing with grief and its aftermath, including guilt and/or a fear of abandonment. Included are suggestions for helping youngsters express feelings through drama, dance and music, allowing them an opportunity to say, in effect, ‘This is how I feel.’”
Eleanor Irwin, PhD, RDT, TEP