Expressive Arts Therapy in Action
by Natalie Rogers
Discover the transformative power of moving beyond words as Natalie Rogers demonstrates person-centered expressive arts therapy in two remarkable sessions with a woman struggling with a career decision.
Are you looking for new tools to enliven your work and help clients go deeper? Discover the transformative power of moving beyond words as Natalie Rogers demonstrates person-centered expressive arts therapy in two remarkable sessions with a woman struggling with a career decision.

Tired of her tedious accounting job, Suzen wants to devote her energy to the healing work she does with horses, but is trapped by negative thought patterns and afraid of going broke. Watch as Rogers engages Suzen in a deep exploration of her dilemma, modeling key aspects of the person-centered approach such as unconditional positive regard, empathic understanding, and congruence, while also integrating a variety of expressive arts modalities including movement, pastels, and clay. Through their work together, Suzen makes a dramatic shift from confusion to clarity about her career path. With Rogers’s warm presence and expert facilitation skills, Suzen moves through fear and self-doubt and gains access to her authentic self who is ready to shine.

Before and after the sessions, Victor Yalom sits down with Rogers to discuss her approach, and Rogers’s commentary is interspersed throughout the sessions. From tips on how to really listen to how to accurately reflect a client’s emotional experience, this video will help therapists and their clients creatively uncover rich new material.

By watching this video, you will be able to:
  • Understand the foundations of the person-centered approach and the core conditions for change.
  • Identify how to help clients access unconscious feelings through a variety of expressive arts modalities.
  • Integrate a person-centered expressive arts approach into your own work with clients.

What therapists are saying…

"In Expressive Arts Therapy in Action, Natalie Rogers brilliantly explains and demonstrates the healing power of the Person-Centered Approach when combined with the expressive arts. In just two sessions, her experiential work with Suzen facilitates the kinds of insights and emotional and behavioral breakthroughs we typically only see after months, if not years, of traditional talk therapy. Expressive Arts Therapy in Action is destined to be a classic in the psychotherapy training libraries of the future, and we can all learn from this master clinician who both exemplifies and extends the essence of the Person-Centered Approach."

-- Dale G. Larson, PhD, Professor, Department of Counseling Psychology, Santa Clara University
“An excellent demonstration of how to sensitively incorporate expressive arts into individual therapeutic work by one of the true innovators in the field. Rogers shows how to be both true to person-centered principles of following the client and promoting the client’s own creative self-discovery. She expands traditional person-centered boundaries to incorporate expressive arts methods that release clients’ potential.”

-- Arthur C. Bohart, PhD, Professor Emeritus, California State University Dominguez Hills
"In our view, the two-session illustration is abundantly useful…it portrays a reasonable extension of the person-centered approach into expressive arts therapeutic techniques; it is an apt training DVD that provides insights about and a rationale for the intended techniques...Particularly useful are the conversations between Yalom and Rogers and the fade-and-frame annotations within the therapeutic sessions."

-- Lauren Seifert, PhD & Susan Steiner, PhD, Reviewed in APA PsycCRITIQUES
In Depth
There are many approaches to expressive arts therapy these days, and what makes Natalie Rogers’s approach unique is its foundation in the person-centered approach developed by her father, Carl Rogers. You don’t have to identify as an expressive arts therapist to benefit from this video; but you may find after watching these sessions, that you are inspired to add expressive arts techniques into some of your sessions with some of your clients, as it is an excellent way to go deeper, and help clients access parts of themselves that words do not reach. And even if you’re not interested in using expressive arts in your work at all, this is an exceptional training video for those wanting a deeper understanding of the person-centered approach. Any therapist who wants to learn how to really listen to their clients and create the conditions for change to occur will gain an enormous amount from this video. Rogers is truly an expert in demonstrating presence, empathy, warmth, and congruence.

In the discussions at the beginning and end of each session, Rogers goes into detail about key aspects of the person-centered approach and how integrating expressive arts enhances the work. She also shares her reflections on the sessions here and in commentary that is interspersed throughout the sessions, so you gain insight into her interventions and really get a sense of how she thinks and why she does what she does.

Another bonus to this comprehensive video is that you get to see more than one session with the same client, giving you a sense of how therapy works over time.

Length of video: 2:34:00

English subtitles available

Individual ISBN-10 #: 1-60124-310-3

Group ISBN-10 #: 1-60124-311-1

Group ISBN-13 #: 978-1-60124-311-9

Natalie Rogers, PhD, REAT, is Distinguished Consulting Faculty at Saybrook Graduate School and has previously been on the faculties of the California Institute of Integral Studies and the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. In 1984 she founded the Person-Centered Expressive Arts Therapy Institute and its parent organization, Resources for Creativity and Consciousness, where she participated as teacher, trainer, workshop facilitator, consultant, and board member until its closing in 2005.

Dr. Rogers is a psychotherapist whose practices in California, Hawaii and Massachusetts have combined expressive arts with person-centered therapy with children, adults, families and groups. She is the daughter of Dr. Carl Rogers and has written two books: The Creative Connection: Expressive Arts As Healing and Emerging Woman: A Decade of Midlife Transitions. She has trained professional in expressive arts therapy around the world.

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