The Abused Woman: A Survivor Therapy Approach
by Lenore Walker
Learn practical, hands-on skills to increase your confidence in helping the challenging population of victims and survivors of domestic violence--both in terms of immediate crisis management, and longer term, depth-oriented psychotherapy.

Dr. Lenore Walker has worked with physically, psychologically, and sexually abused women for more than 30 years and has developed an approach to their treatment called Survivor Therapy. In this dramatic recreation of key moments in the two-year course of therapy with Sarah, a 36-year-old battered woman with a history of childhood sexual abuse, Walker (the recipient of the American Psychological Associations 1994 Distinguished Contribution to Women's Health Award) illustrates the basic principles of her approach. Combining scenes from numerous therapy sessions with commentary by Dr. Walker, this video is a valuable teaching tool for practitioners of all orientations and experience levels.

What therapists are saying…

"This DVD is an invaluable tool for training advanced psychotherapy students. Dr Walker takes us inside the therapy room and does a superb job of describing the rationale for her interventions and timing. She provides a comprehensive overview of issues relevant to treating abuse."

-- Beverly Greene, PhD, ABPP, Professor of Psychology, St. John's University
In Depth
By watching this video, you'll gain increased understanding and skills in:

• Conducting the critical first session interview
• Collaboratively developing a crisis intervention safety plan
• Effectively working with trauma and the cycles of violence
• Helping abused women to gradually shed coping strategies that are no longer adaptive, regain self-esteem, and rebuild healthier lives


Length of video: 1:29:00

English subtitles available

Individual ISBN-10 #: 1-60124-025-2

Individual ISBN-13 #: 978-1-60124-025-5

Group ISBN-10 #: 1-60124-026-0

Group ISBN-13 #: 978-1-60124-026-2

Lenore Walker, EdD is an internationally renowned expert in domestic violence. Author of 12 books (including the now classic The Battered Woman) and scores of articles, she is currently professor of Clinical and Forensic Psychology at Nova Southeastern University. She is the recipient of numerous awards, and served as an expert witness in the O.J. Simpson trial.

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