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Child Therapy with the Experts: 11-Video Series
See many of the world's leading experts in child therapy and counseling conduct actual sessions. This one-of-a-kind series allows you to compare the theories and techniques of a wide range of approaches, including CBT, Gestalt, Narrative, Object Relations, and others.
Child therapy is decidedly more of an art than a science. We hear over and over again (and the latest research bears this out) that it is the relationship that counts--and this is especially true when providing counseling with children and adolescents. Establishing rapport is the first task at hand, and it is not always an easy one! Improve your skills in working with this population by watching these master therapists quickly find a way to form a connection, and demonstrate a wide variety of tools and techniques to make the therapeutic encounter come alive and address areas of concern in a single session.

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In Depth
These 11 videos all share the same format: They start with a discussion of the approach with the featured therapist; the discussion is led by John Carson and co-host Don Keat. Following the discussion there is an actual therapy session shown in its entirety (45-50 min). Then there is a discussion of the therapy session, including how well the therapist felt they were able to integrate their theory and approach. Finally, the audience of therapists and students ask the featured therapists questions relating to the approach in general, and the therapy session in specific.

The Group Version of all of these videos include Instructor's Manuals that include a full transcript of the child therapy session, discussion questions, role-play ideas, a reaction paper assignment, and related reading and web resources. CE courses are available for each title.

Length of Series: 20:09:00

English subtitles available

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