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Counseling African American Men, Volume 3: A Complete Course of Therapy
by Darrick Tovar-Murray
Honest exploration of the complexities and challenges of life as an African American man requires a unique combination of empathy and insight that you will gain by watching this in-depth therapeutic encounter.
African American men do not typically seek counseling and, when they do, they may not feel safe to explore feelings of vulnerability related to race and racism. By sensitively exploring this dynamic, you will learn to adapt your own therapeutic approach to enhance clinical outcome. Without an appreciation for the relational foundation that is key to therapeutic success with this population, you may remain stuck at a superficial level of therapeutic engagement. And without viewing the Black client’s conflicts through the larger lens of family, culture, and the life cycle, clinicians may miss valuable therapeutic opportunities to help their clients.

This rare glimpse into Darrick Tovar-Murray’s in-depth work with one client’s therapeutic journey over several months will deepen your appreciation for the healing power of empathy and the skillful use of technique. By watching Tovar-Murray masterfully meld narrative and client-centered techniques, you will learn how to help Black men heal from the intergenerational scars and narratives that continue to oppress them. As your appreciation for cultural notions like “the absent Black father” builds and your understanding of the systemic influence that race and racism has on individual treatment deepens, you will learn how to help your African American clients use history, culture, and community as powerful catalysts for growth and healing.

This video will deepen your appreciation for the role that race plays both inside and outside of the therapeutic space, so that you can better connect with your African American clients and make more targeted and meaningful interventions.

What therapists are saying…

“Counseling African American Men is extremely powerful, and will benefit a wide range helping professionals. This course covers common challenges that African American men face daily, yet often feel unable to express, as they are deliberately silenced and in turn profiled as angry, problematic, and even criminal. These videos offer clinicians and students an opportunity to provide culturally competent treatment to African American men in a caring and meaningful fashion.”
—Mary Brown, LPC, Doctoral Candidate, Capella University
“Dr. Tovar-Murray encourages clinicians to bravely explore the realities of race, racism and stereotyping, as well as the stories Black men are born into, in order to help their clients connect with their humanity, which is so frequently overlooked by society.”
—Javier F. Casado Pérez, PhD, Director of the Community Counseling Clinic, Assistant Professor of Counselor Education, Portland State University
“Practitioners and students will benefit from seeing Dr. Tovar-Murray normalize the importance of broaching issues of race, racism, and their impacts on emotional wellness and identity in African American men. I appreciated Tovar-Murray’s client-centered approach, exemplified by the rapport and safety he established with his clients, allowing them to express vulnerability related to their experiences as Black men in America.”  
Malaika M. Edwards, LCMHC, Doctoral Candidate, North Carolina State University
In Depth
CE Test
Having recently ended a four-year intimate relationship with his daughter’s mother and on the verge of solidifying a new commitment, Carver is determined to maintain a strong connection with his child. While this creates tension in his life and underlies his reason for seeking out therapy with Tovar-Murray, he is determined not to be absent for her as his father was for him. As Carver’s story unfolds, we learn of the powerful roles his mother and grandmother played and continue to play in his life, and the way that his connection to family, community and culture have shaped him into the proud, strong, and determined man he has become.

With Tovar-Murray’s direct but gentle guidance and insights, Carver emerges from these therapy sessions better able to process the pain and challenges of walking in a Black body and navigating the relationships in his life.

Glimpses into their unique therapeutic encounter will focus on:
  • African American Men and Fatherhood
  • Mother's Best Friend
  • How Music Informs
  • Coping With Anger Through Music
  • African American Matriarchs
  • The External Problem: A Raw Deal
  • The Problem, Named: On the Edge
  • Creating a New Narrative
  • The Problem With Presenting Problems
  • Baby Boy
  • The Breakup
  • Opening Up
  • Wrapping It All Up

Length of video: 3:26:49

English subtitles available

Group ISBN-10 #: 1-60124-585-8

Group ISBN-13 #: 978-1-60124-585-4

Darrick Tovar-Murray, PhD, is an associate professor of counseling in the Department of Counseling and Special Education at DePaul University in Chicago, where he teaches a wide range of graduate-level clinical and counseling courses. He is the author (with contributions from Jan Louis Gaetjens) of Basic Therapeutic Counseling Skills: Interventions for Working with Clients’ Thoughts, Feelings and Behavior (Cognella, 2017). Dr Tovar Murray’s primary area of scholarship is multicultural counseling, and his research interests include identity development, African-American well-being, and counseling and spirituality. 

CE credits: 3.5

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the clinical importance creating a safe therapeutic space for African American men
  • Explain the clinical relevance of the Absent Black Father
  • Describe some of the structural and dynamic characteristics of the Black family unit

Bibliography available upon request

This course is offered for ASWB ACE credit for social workers. See complete list of CE approvals here

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