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Couples Therapy with the Experts: 6-Video Series
This unique series showcases six leading couples therapist conducting live sessions and then discussing their work. Learn from experts Sue Johnson, Pat Love, Gus Napier, Richard Stuart, James Coyne, and Richard Schwartz.
Couples therapy is exceedingly difficult to master, and in-depth training and experience in individual therapy unfortunately does not prepare one for the rapid pace, potential pitfalls, and multifaceted nature of working with couples in crisis. This exceptional series will help you whether you are new to couples therapy, or are a seasoned practitioner wishing to expand your skills. It is especially compelling to view these leading experts translate theory into practice; although their underlying assumptions and techniques vary widely, each manages to find unique way to engage with the couple and begin to help them sort out the areas where they are stuck or in conflict.

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In this Series…

In Depth
This series is excellent for teaching and training purposes. By viewing these leading practitioners actually doing couples therapy, students and therapists in training will get a better sense of what couples therapy is really like, and can have different styles to emulate. The Instructor's Manual that accompanies the Group Version provides many valuable teaching aids.

Length of Series: 11:43:00

English subtitles available

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