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Emotionally Focused Therapy: A Complete Treatment (3-Video Series)
Deepen your understanding of Emotionally Focused Therapy by watching an entire, unedited 10-session course of therapy. For the first time ever, you’ll see how EFT unfolds through the different steps and stages.
Carl and Sandra have each been shaped by their life adventures, from Sandra’s years as a Philadelphia crime reporter to their experiences in addiction recovery and nomadic lifestyle on boats and in RVs. Now, after two years of marriage, the lively retired couple find themselves at a standstill, as the tough exteriors that helped get them through earlier troubles hinder their ability to be vulnerable with each other. As their conflicts increase, Carl backs away from the relationship, and Sandra in turn goes after him. This pursuit leaves Carl feeling inadequate and Sandra feeling like a “monster.” They each wonder aloud whether they should remain married. Demoralized by this endless cycle, the couple turns to master EFT therapist Rebecca Jorgensen.

This unique set of videos offers the chance to watch a full course of EFT with a very engaging yet challenging couple. Over 10 sessions, Jorgensen demonstrates this gentle yet evocative attachment-based approach with empathy and skill, forming an alliance with Sandra and Carl that encourages them to step out of their comfort zones and interact with each other in new ways. With years of experience as both an EFT therapist and trainer, Jorgensen’s work with Carl and Sandra offers an in-depth course for any therapist wanting to develop in-depth skills in the difficult art of couples therapy. You may buy all three videos as a set and save, or you may buy Part 1 (Sessions 1-3), Part 2 (Sessions 4-6), and Part 3 (Sessions 7-10) separately.

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What therapists are saying…

"Dr Jorgensen’s attuned responsiveness and skill shows how EFT not only shapes trust and secure bonding, but also how such bonding shapes stronger and more confidant partners. You can't help but learn a great deal from watching this master EFT therapist and trainer in action!"

 -- Susan Johnson, EdD, Director,  International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy; Author, The Practice of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, Hold Me Tight, and Love Sense.
"This incredibly useful video series covers new ground by showing an entire course of EFT treatment over 10 sessions. Dr. Jorgensen's warm, calm style demonstrates the importance of the developing and maintaining the alliance, while her absolutely relentless focus on the model brings EFT to life in an accessible way. I found the sessions so captivating that I watched the entire 14 hours over 3 days!"

 -- Jean Shirkoff, LCSW, Certified EFT Therapist and Supervisor
"After years of studying, practicing and trying to integrate the complexities of EFT, this series of ten sessions with a MASTER therapist has helped me more than all the travel, all the reading, all the hours I've spent watching tapes. Seeing Rebecca's incredible technique and consistent use of the method finally helped EFT sink in to my brain at a deeply felt level. My sessions are not the same. Thank you, Rebecca and to your lovely clients."

 -- Sunny Mavor, MFT, Bozeman, Montana
"Rebecca Jorgensen's 10 session training videos are the best ones available. Not only are the participants genuine and authentic throughout, this is the only couples video I know that shows a progression in therapy from beginning to end. As an EFT supervisor, I encourage all of my supervisees to watch this before any other training video."

 --Don Zeidlhack, PsyD, ABPP, Certified EFT Therapist and Supervisor, Naperville, Illinois
"Wow, what lovely EFT work. Rebecca Jorgensen's pacing is slow as she helps the couple unfold and bring to consciousness the pattern of disconnection they've developed. Her gentle conjectures are so very respectful. I loved watching her eyes move back and forth between the partners tracking how comments and her reflection of the cycle was landing for each. She was relentlessly empathic while investigating the cycle. Within one session, she was able to identify and the couple could see the cycle. It is masterful!!!! Thank you for this excellent example of EFT in action. I highly recommend this series."

 -- Wanda Garner, MS, Certified EFT Therapist
In Depth
This is a remarkable and unique video series, in that it shows an actual, unedited course of couples therapy over 10 sessions. Unlike many training videos, this was filmed in an actual therapy office, not in a studio setting, and the cameras were controlled from a remote office, so there was no one in the room other than the therapist and the couple. It should be noted that there is no didactic explanation or commentary, so viewers will get the most out of this if they have some familiarity with Emotionally Focused Therapy before watching the videos.

In many ways, Carl and Sandra’s relationship is ideally suited for EFT. They present with significant communication problems and pain related to their unmet attachment needs, but despite their distress they are neither abusive to one another nor checked out of the relationship yet. And for a training video they, they are especially engaging, bright, and feisty.  Let's be honest: most therapy is typically a rather painstaking process, and watching 14 hours of most treatments would attract only the most dedicated students. But we think once you start watching this case, you'll be hooked until the end.

In the small amount of time that she works with them, Jorgensen is able to accomplish the key goals of EFT: accessing and reframing key emotional responses, facilitating shifts in the partners' interactional positions, and creating new emotional experiences between them. Therapy preferably takes place over a longer period of time to allow these new emotional experiences to reshape the relationship in an enduring way. Carl and Sandra end therapy just as they are beginning to have new relational experiences, so they have their work cut out for them in maintaining this practice on their own, but this is nonetheless a remarkable demonstration of how much can be done with a skilled therapist and a motivated couple in a short amount of time.

Length of Series: 13:45:41

English subtitles available

Rebecca Jorgensen, PhD is Founder and Director of the Attachment Advancement Institute and Co-Director of The Training and Research Institute for Emotionally Focused Therapy. She is an Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) Supervisor and Trainer. Her focus is on promoting effective attachment for healthy relationships through virtual and in-person educational conferences and workshops as well as training and providing consultation on effective treatment of relational distress. She has developed several streaming conferences and seminars and has hosted and/or co-presented with attachment theorists and researchers such as Sue Johnson, Phil Shaver and Jim Coan. She continues to work to develop effective methods and platforms to transfer science-based treatments to clinicians and those who will utilize prevention services.

As a recognized expert on couple therapy couples and therapists travel to work with Dr. Jorgensen at Couple Workshops, Intensive Couples Therapy, Professional Trainings and Consultation. Her online educational programs and consultation groups are popular all around the globe. This “therapists’ therapist” is known for her presence, clarity and empathy. Dr. Jorgensen lives in Mexico where she maintains a small private practice.
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