Id Hear Laughter : Finding Solutions for the Family
by Insoo Kim Berg
Insoo Kim Berg’s unique style and unwavering optimism comes to life in this demonstration of Solution-Focused Family Therapy.
Children and teenagers are all to often the scapegoat to a family’s troubles and the impetus for a family to enter therapy. In this video, Insoo Kim Berg shows us how to help a family come together as a whole to build on their strengths and collaborate on solutions.

Berg demonstrates her approach in two therapy sessions with a family. Judy is at wits end with her husband, Lou, who won’t help out at home and with her daughter, Sarah, who prefers to hang out with her boyfriend instead of going to school. Sarah is sick of her mother nagging her and of the tense atmosphere at home. Lou is struggling with unemployment and admits that the family doesn’t laugh anymore. Berg uses techniques to reconnect this family so that they can build on what has brought them together in the past and hear laughter in the home again.

What therapists are saying…

"Insoo gives a clear introduction to the basic principles and practice of SFT. These are then clearly demonstrated in the sessions and this is illustrated with helpful subtitles to signpost skills. What comes across most is her modeling of being genuine, so that the technique seems to arise as the best way of her understanding, rather than something being performed, by her and on them. I liked that the conclusion does not tie up neatly with a bow, but clearly identifies the work still to be done and some of the discomfort family members have around that. It felt like real life."

-- Rosina Morrison, Counsellor, UK
In Depth
From watching this video, you will:

• Gain an understanding of the goals of a solution-focused family therapy approach, and what it means to support, generate and enlarge solutions.
• Learn how to apply solution-focused techniques to your work with families including finding Exceptions to Problems, the Miracle Question, Scaling, and Amplifying Change.
• Witness Berg’s remarkable ability to connect with challenging clients and inspire them to discover their strengths and resources.

If you're familiar with Solution Focused Therapy, but have not had the opportunity to watch Insoo in action, you're in for a real treat! She's a real master, and you can't help but be inspired by her.

Length of video: 1:45:00

English subtitles available

Individual ISBN-10 #: 1-60124-132-1

Individual ISBN-13 #: 978-1-60124-132-0

Group ISBN-10 #: 1-60124-133-X

Group ISBN-13 #: 978-1-60124-133-7

Insoo Kim Berg, MSSW (1934-2007), was co-founder and director of the Brief Family Therapy Center in Milwaukee, WI. She developed the Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) model with her partner, Steve de Shazer. A native of Korea, Insoo balanced her heritage with Western scientific training in her clinical practice and teaching.

Berg served on the editorial boards of the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, Family Psychology and Counseling Series, Families in Society, and Family Process. She was a founder of the Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Association, clinical member and approved supervisor for the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, and was also active in the Wisconsin Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, the National Association of Social Workers, and the European Brief Therapy Association. She was a frequent keynote speaker at international conferences and regularly conducted seminars and workshops on SFBT throughout the U.S., Canada, South America, Asia, and Europe.

A prolific writer, Insoo published eight highly acclaimed books in ten years, including More than Miracles: The State of the Art of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (2007), Tales of Solutions (2001), Building Solutions in Child Protective Services (2000), and Interviewing for Solutions (1997 and 2001, 2nd ed).

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