Behind Closed Doors: Children Who Witness Violence
by Victoria Women's Transition House Society
This eye-opening video offers strong clinical information on how children are affected by witnessing violence, and outlines useful interventions proven to be effective in the healing process.
Domestic violence is a stressful, upsetting, frightening issue for any adult involved. But how does violence in the home affect children? Behind Closed Doors takes a closer look at the often taboo subject and clearly illustrates the different areas of a child's life impacted by violence.

Behind Closed Doors is hosted by psychologist Sandra Wieland, who provides rich, clear clinical content throughout the video. Common domestic violence situations are reenacted, and Wieland explains the neurological, developmental, emotional, and social effects on children.

The video not only states the ways in which children are affected by violence, but provides thorough, scientific explanations of just how children's brains and development are affected. Wieland teaches viewers the way the brain processes positive or negative experiences as early as infancy, and explains how babies learn to self-soothe from comforting interactions with the adults in their lives. And when children witness violence, it heightens their arousal system while causing their soothing systems to be underdeveloped.

The video also addresses several key aspects of domestic violence, including the effect it has on parents' interaction with their children and how it changes children's behavior. Wieland discusses the importance of parents' emotional availability and how violence in the home interrupts this crucial piece in a child's development.

Finally, Behind Closed Doors offers useful tools and techniques for helping children—and the entire family—through the healing process. Wieland recommends soothing activities such as music and walking for children dealing with the stress of domestic violence, and emphasizes the importance of communication with school staff as well as counseling for children and their parents.
In Depth
Shame, secrecy, and denial are commonly present in domestic violence situations, making it difficult for those involved to open up about their struggle. But when impressionable children are involved, it becomes even more necessary for families to take the right steps to help their children through such frightening experiences. Whether you work with parents in violent relationships or children witnessing such traumatic events, this video will help you gain insight into the real impact violence has on children. Behind Closed Doors is an invaluable tool for your collection. It provides highly clinical content but in straightforward, understandable language. And most importantly, it presents effective strategies for working with your child clients affected by the frightening experience of violence.

From watching this video, you will:
  • Learn the scientific ways witnessing violence affects children's brains and impacts the normal development of babies and children.
  • Watch situations reenacted to portray the common experiences of children living in homes with violence.
  • Learn useful tools and techniques to help children stimulate their soothing systems, regain trust, and recover from the effects of violence.

Length of video: 00:59:42

English subtitles available

Group ISBN-10 #: 1-60124-509-2

Group ISBN-13 #: 978-1-60124-509-0

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