A Mother Never Gives Up Hope: Older Mothers and Abusive Adult Sons
by Terra Nova Films
Take a rare inside look at a support group for mothers who have been abused by their adult sons. Each tells their individual story of how they came to understand their situation, and reclaim their life.
This video features several brave women who talk honestly about their years of suffering abuse from their adult children. While still maintaining an ability to speak about their son's strengths and achievements and express their love, they tell the stories of how they came to recognize that due to their son’s actions they could not have the relationship they wanted and how they went about changing it.

“I’m free!” is the common refrain from many of the women you’ll meet in this video. They provide insight into what helped them along the way and convey how much their mental health providers helped them by listening non-judgmentally instead of offering advice. Slowly the women discovered they were not alone and did not need to continue holding onto the immense shame they felt.

For many of the women in the video, some in their nineties, it was jarring to their sensibilities to think they needed therapy. The mental health provider must have this clearly in mind when connecting with the elderly. In this video you’ll come to see how engaging with older clients who’ve experienced abuse can differ from the client who signs up for treatment and shows up each week at your office. You’ll witness how change can happen even in later life.
In Depth
One of the women in the group you’ll be hearing from eloquently expresses the most important thing her mental health provider gave her was the knowledge that there was help and that there was hope. Being victimized by your own child can bring up a lot of shame, and the dynamic is rarely understood by anyone except other mothers who have lived through it. This video offers a chance to hear the journeys of several women who were able to find hope and use that to accept help.

In watching this video you will:
  • Learn the signs of elder abuse.
  • Understand the reasons older people stay in abusive situations.
  • Learn what interventions work best for survivors of elder of abuse.

Length of video: 00:42:32

English subtitles available

Group ISBN-10 #: 1-60124-496-7

Group ISBN-13 #: 978-1-60124-496-3

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