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Motivational Interviewing with Adolescents: 4-video series
Do you want to effectively help adolescents change their most destructive behaviors? In this series, learn how to apply motivational interviewing in your work with teens struggling with substance use, health behaviors, delinquency, or the every-day difficulties of this challenging period of life.
If you work with adolescents you know how challenging it can be to help them change their destructive behaviors. We often want to shake sense into them, but advising, directing, or acting as the “expert” often leads to resistance and therapeutic impasse—particularly with adolescents, who crave support for individuation.

Motivational Interviewing offers a refreshing, collaborative alternative to the directive approaches many of us were taught, and is highly effective with a population that displays a strong need for autonomy. In this new 4-video series, learn strategies that respect teens' desire for autonomy while engaging their own sense of personal responsibility and motivation. You'll learn how to reduce resistance and promote change, even in clients who don't want to be in your office.

What therapists are saying…

“Great overview of Motivational Interviewing, using different clinicians to demonstrate its basic elements with adolescent clients presenting with various issues. They each start with a discussion of the techniques emphasized with this conversational style followed by a couple clinicians demonstrating these techniques. The accompanying discussions of the sessions break down the core skills and processes highlighted in each and allow the viewers to delve deeper into how to use MI in practice. Those given the opportunity to view these recordings will learn that MI can be used not only for adult clients as it was intended at its onset, but also with adolescents who might be more reluctant to engage in therapy.“

-- Diana Herweck, PsyD, Clinical Director, University of Phoenix
“Relaxed, conversational introductions prepare viewers for subsequent sessions with easily consumable, accurate depictions of the origins, values, and primary tenets of Motivational Interviewing. Voiceovers let the viewer in on each practitioner’s process and rationale and follow-up discussions of each session clarify the practitioner’s direction, giving the viewer a 360-degree perspective on each practitioner’s implementation of the approach. Viewers of this series will be fortunate to experience strong demonstrations of MI across a variety of styles and scenarios.”

-- Stephen Hebard, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Counselor Education, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, Trainer, Elevate MI, Member, Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers
“The videos provided useful subtitles to assist with identifying techniques. Additionally, the commentary further elaborated the rationale for the decisions made during the counseling session and how the approach connected developmentally for adolescents.”

-- Malti Tuttle, PhD, Assistant Professor Auburn University
“I found the session counseling session demonstrations and processing to be so valuable in solidifying core concepts throughout each specific title; as a master’s student new to Motivational Interviewing this cohesion made the material tangible and memorable. The inclusion of health behavior, substance use, and justice settings as separate and specific areas that run beneath much of adolescent client work, was essential in bringing MI into a more substantial context. Since initial viewing I have already gone back to my notes for upcoming work with clients, there is no doubt this will continue to be a well-referenced resource!”

-- MJ Harford, Master’s Student, Marymount University - Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program