Child Protection Casework: 2-Video series
One of the more challenging jobs of a social worker is ensuring a child’s safety following in-home violence, and it's best done by including the whole family in the process. These videos take you step-by-step through the process in an accessible and straight-forward way that includes the child’s input.
Dr. Andrew Turnell and his colleague Steve Edwards developed "Signs of Safety" in the 1990s in Australia in order to help social workers in child protection agencies make concrete plans to help all parties in the process know what to look for and how to keep children safe. This video set describes how to effectively engage the entire family in the steps necessary to ensure a child's safety after an incident of violence in the home.

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Length of Series: 3:13:00

English subtitles available

Andrew is an independent social worker, brief family therapist and child protection consultant from Perth, Western Australia. As well as international consultancy and teaching work, Andrew maintains a clinical practice working solely with families where child maltreatment has occurred or is suspected but the parents deny responsibility. Andrew has published extensively on the subjects of brief therapy and child protection, including his most well-known works: Signs of Safety: A Solution and Safety Oriented Approach to Child Protection Casework, Working with ‘Denied’ Child Abuse: The Resolutions Approach. Andrew is currently preparing his third book, Building Safety in Child Protection Practice: Working with a Strengths and Solution Focus in a Risk Environment.

In 2007, Andrew completed his PhD at Curtin University which focused on practitioner and service recipient-defined constructive child protection practice.

Andrew regularly gives lectures and workshops in Australia, Europe, North America, Japan and New Zealand. Andrew is currently employed by statutory protection organisations in New Zealand, England, The Netherlands, Canada, the USA and Western Australia to provide ongoing support, supervision and consultancy in system-wide implementations of the Signs of Safety approach.

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