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Children in Crisis: 3-Video Series
Witness three different families as they journey through the juvenile justice and foster care system with their social work and mental health care teams.
In this heart-wrenching and illuminating video series, watch three families work with the state, juvenile justice and foster care systems to address their family crises.

In Joshua: When Anger Turns to Violence, the mother of thirteen-year-old Joshua seeks help from the judicial system after she is assaulted by her son. In his hearing, Joshua admits that he punched, shoved, and injured his mother, resulting in her calling 911 for assistance. Joshua's mother shares that she is upset about taking her son to court, but feels she has no other option given Joshua's long record of emotional and behavioral problems. Follow Joshua through the juvenile justice system and see the various professionals involved in managing his rehabilitation.

In Chelsea: Surrendered to the State, a mother makes the difficult decision to turn over custody of her volatile nine-year-old daughter to the state in an effort to get her the help she needs. This video depicts the interventions necessary in such severe cases, and follows every part of the process from court to a residential treatment facility.

Melissa: Teen Mother in Foster Care follows the day-to-day struggles of Melissa, a fifteen-year-old foster child with a seven-month old medical-needs daughter, Raven. Melissa's story not only represents the journey of a teenager through the foster care system, but also shows how the foster care system handles teen parents and their children. Through candid interviews and the involvement of a dedicated caseworker, witness Melissa facing her tremendous new responsibilities, and the ways that social workers and other mental health care professionals shepherd her through life's challenges.

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Length of Series: 2:13:00

English subtitles available

Karen Furore Grau and Larry Grau officially launched Calamari Productions in 1995, after a decade of journalism and education policy experience. President and Executive Producer Karen Grau brings 25 years of broadcast experience to all Calamari projects. Her career also includes three years as Deputy Legislative Director to former Indiana Governor Evan Bayh, where her work included analyzing the content and fiscal impact of legislation drafted by state agencies under the jurisdiction of the Governor's office. Karen also assisted in writing three State of the State addresses. In 2014, Karen was named a Knight Foundation Fellow in Ethics at Washington & Lee University.

Larry Grau served as Senior Education Policy Executive to former Indiana Governor Frank O'Bannon, where he drafted and directed several major initiatives enacted into law, including creating a stakeholders' education roundtable, a statewide comprehensive education accountability system, establishing the state's first alternative education program, and creating Indiana's initial early education reading diagnostic policies and programs.
Calamari Productions remains the only production company in the United States with state Supreme Court access allowing documentary cameras inside child welfare juvenile courts, venues that are—by law—closed to the media and the public. Calamari has turned that trust and extraordinary camera access into unprecedented, award-winning documentary series and video content used around the globe, from television outlets and networks such as ABC, NBC, MSNBC, A&E, MTV, Dateline NBC, Hulu, Nightline, Good Morning America, 20/20, Court TV, PBS, Bio and Channel 4 (UK), to universities and state governments around the country. Calamari video content is used for education and training purposes in over 14 countries, 200 universities, 25 Policy and Advocacy organizations and 85 state government agencies and facilities.

Today, Karen and Larry continue to direct and manage the creative vision that has put the company on the cutting edge of news, documentary and digital content programming. In their spare time they can be found spending time with their adult children, volunteering with at-risk kids and rescuing stray animals when not behind a camera!   
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