Powerful Ideas for Developing Your Best Therapeutic Self
by Victor Yalom

Mastery in Minutes

There’s a powerful tool that you can use to improve client outcomes regardless of therapeutic issue, modality or population. And the best part? You've already got it. It’s you. Victor Yalom shares insights on how to hone your clinical self.
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Being self-aware, comfortable sitting with difficult emotions, and truly present for our clients are essential skills that cannot be learned from books and classes. Yet these are key to forming strong therapeutic alliances and promoting meaningful growth and change.

So what can you do to continue developing this critical experiential skill? Join Psychotherapy.net CEO and Founder, Victor Yalom, as he outlines simple, actionable steps you can take to hone your clinical self so that you can be maximally effective with your clients. Whether you’re an established clinician with years of experience or a new practitioner just starting out, this video is sure to spark your passion for developing a more dynamic, authentic self so that you can better connect with and support your clients along their therapeutic journey.

Psychotherapy.net presents Mastery in Minutes

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Working with a challenging client? Want quick tips for specific topics? Psychotherapy.net’s Mastery in Minutes video collection has you covered. Mastery in Minutes is a time-efficient way to get…

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Victor Yalom, PhD is the founder and resident cartoonist of Psychotherapy.net. He maintained a busy private practice in San Francisco for over 25 years, but now sees only a few clients, devoting the bulk of his time to creating new training videos for Psychotherapy.net. He has produced over 100 videos, conducted workshops in existential-humanistic and group therapy in the US, Mexico, and China, and currently leads consultation groups for therapists.  More info on Victor and his artwork and sculpture at sfpsychologist.com.

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