Bill Macaux, PhD

Bill Macaux, PhD Bill Macaux, PhD, has two parallel areas of practice that center on one population: professionals and executives. As a coach and consulting psychologist, he held leadership roles with RHR International, a global management psychology consultancy, and Right Management. He developed the first research-based assessment of executive presence (the Bates ExPI). In recent years, however, he has allocated more time and attention to working with couples and individuals in his Providence-based clinical practice. He believes, like John Dewey, that “We don't learn from experience, we learn from our reflection on experience.” He has found this adage to be particularly apt when his clients are feeling stuck and at a crossroads in their relationship. His recent work in the consulting arena has focused on adaptive development in the face of growing role-based challenge and change. Please visit his website and whitepapers of interest: Leader Identity Development and Navigating at the Inflection Point.

Coping with Infidelity in Professional Couples

By Bill Macaux, PhD