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Melissa Groman LCSW

Melissa Groman is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice in New Jersey. She specializes in treating eating and cutting disorders and mending marriages. Melissa founded the Good Practice Institute in 2007, and provides clinical supervision, consultation and practice building coaching to therapists from across the country via telephone. Melissa writes creatively late at night when her husband and five children are finally and blessedly asleep. She can be reached by phone at 973-667-8777 or through her website or email:

Nothing To Say

Posted by Melissa Groman LCSW on 11/5/15 - 6:25 PM
Clair* walks into my office this morning as she does every week. She sits downs and looks up. “I’ve got nothing to say today,” she tells me. Sometimes, I say nothing. I just sit and wait. Something will come. The unconscious mind can often be counted on to send something forward into the silence. But sometimes I feel the need to help things along. “Well,” I say, “What’s most on your mind?” Clair has been with me for a little over...

Just Peachy

Posted by Melissa Groman LCSW on 10/24/13 - 2:10 PM
It's getting colder in the Northeast. I love it—mostly I do—except that I am colder than cold, colder than most folks. I feel it in my bones. My husband and I are Florida bound for vacation soon, and then, we think, to live. Not just yet. The kids need a bit more raising first. So with the cold coming and the time being ripe, we take the kids (the same ones who still need a bit more raising, and two that...


Posted by Melissa Groman LCSW on 6/27/13 - 1:22 PM
I once took an informal survey of clinicians to find out a) where in their office they keep their clocks and b) how they ended their sessions. I found out we are a crafty lot indeed. Clever too. Some of us keep a big round clock somewhere behind where the client sits, so it can be seen either directly or with peripheral vision at all times. Some of us rely on our wrist watches. Some of us sport large analogues and...

When Life Gets Messy, Don't Cut and Run!

Posted by Melissa Groman LCSW on 5/14/13 - 4:20 PM
It was not one of my better moments. It was a very busy time of year, getting ready for Passover, juggling my schedule with patients and the kids' spring break. It was one of those times where I stood at the intersection of my mothering and my profession and my head was spinning. On the top of the TTD list (things to do) was getting my five year old daughter a haircut. Routine errand as it seems, it did require a...

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Posted by Melissa Groman LCSW on 8/22/12 - 11:20 AM
Last Sunday night I dropped a pot of boiling water on my hand. My quick thinking teen aged son who was standing near by promptly grabbed me, led me to the sink and held my burned wrist under perfectly tepid running water. Shortly there after we took a quick trip to the ER where they wrapped me up and sent me back home. I’m healing nicely. But the white bandage around my left hand has been good fodder all week in...

The Joy of Small Miracles in Psychotherapy

Posted by Melissa Groman LCSW on 7/12/12 - 5:27 PM
I admit that I really do like to see breakthroughs now and again. I suppose they help me hang in better when all those feelings come through my door, whipping up my own like a wind gust on dry leaves...
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