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Margaret Arnd-Caddigan

Margaret Arnd-Caddigan, PhD., LCSW, is Associate Faculty in the School of Social Work at East Carolina University. She is also Associate Faculty at the Psychoanalytic Education Center of the Carolinas, Co-director of the Greenville Psychoanalytic Study Group, and has a private practice in Greenville, North Carolina. She has published articles in peer-reviewed journals such as Families in Society, Psychoanalytic Social Work, and Clinical Social Work Journal, among others.

Intuitive Therapy

Posted by Margaret Arnd-Caddigan on 5/17/16 - 5:22 PM
Janice is sitting on the loveseat in my office. The sun slants through the Venetian blinds behind her, casting a warm glow that looks like an aura around her. She is a beautiful woman. This is just a fact. “I was talking at a meeting at work. I really think the policy they’re considering is dangerous. I was ticking off point after point for some of the unintended consequences I see in the distance, and it’s like . . . like...

Afflicted with Affect

Posted by Margaret Arnd-Caddigan on 2/23/16 - 1:55 PM
*Janelle sits on the edge of the loveseat in my office. Her knees form perfect ninety degree angles. She pulls her head up, her shoulders back and down, and looks me square in the eye with a set jaw. The word “formidable” pops in my mind. But immediately her shoulders curl forward, her head sags. “I want him to tell me how proud he is of me.” The formidable woman suddenly sounds like a child. “I raised over ten thousand dollars for pediatric cancer...

The Socially Awkward Therapist

Posted by Margaret Arnd-Caddigan on 1/15/16 - 5:43 PM
Everybody knows: therapists are all crazy. Right? Where did this idea come from? For some of us, perhaps it’s our social skills. Some therapists can come off a bit . . . well . . . awkward in social situations. Perhaps you know a Socially Awkward Therapist (SAT)? SATs even find each other off-putting. I had a SAT friend who was talking about another therapist friend. “She’s unsettling.” He shrugs. His eyes drift down and to the right. I catch the glance. I automatically...
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