Susan Hurwit, PsyD

Susan Hurwit, PsyD Susan Hurwit, PsyD, is a child and adult psychologist in private practice in Newton, Massachusetts. Her specialties include play therapy with young children, parent guidance/attachment work, female adolescent development and AEDP-informed adult psychotherapy. She continues to love (and be humbled by) her work of 30 years. Her story, The Space Between Human Beings, created as a response to people’s curiosity about what happens in play therapy, has moved audiences at Story Slams in the Boston area. Dr. Hurwit is fascinated by the hidden, and often mysterious relational strengths that atypical children and lonely adults sometimes bring to therapy. 

Finding the Perch: Psychotherapy During Mutual Uncertainty and Grief

By Susan Hurwit, PsyD