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Matt Wolff

Matt Wolff is a counselor-in-training, presently studying in the graduate program at Texas A&M University—Commerce.

The Rolling Stones and the "Age of Anxiety"

Posted by Matt Wolff on 6/14/16 - 5:40 PM
As I tap away on the first installment of a my little blog about mental health in music I sit only a hundred yards or so from a Chinese restaurant in my little East Texas town where, legend has it, Mick Jagger was at one time known to dine on occasion with his former paramour, model Jerri Hall. Hall is or was the owner of a ranch in the general vicinity, according to local lore. In any case, while wondering...

Mental Illness in Politics

Posted by Matt Wolff on 9/28/12 - 12:26 PM
In a recent debate about mental health services in Britain’s House of Commons, a Member of Parliament paused and laid aside his prepared notes, departing from the abstractions of rhetoric, the lingua franca of all legislative bodies since antiquity, and spoke at length in concrete terms of his own past experience with debilitating depression. The very next speaker, possibly prompted by his colleague’s candor, decided to see and raise the ante on a past history of mental health challenges, revealing...
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